Our Keto Journey Begins….

Thanks for joining us!

pexels-photo-754595.jpegThis year, we started the journey of healthy living.

It all began when my daughter, Alyssa, was in Kindergarten and I began to see some bizarre types of behavior. Staring off in an almost frozen state and having a hard time coming out of this trance-like state. We noticed she was having difficulty retaining information and even recalling information. I immediately took her to a pediatrician, which in turn referred us to a Neurologist.

At the Neurologist, she was given several tests to determine that she had Complex Partial Seizures. We asked numerous questions to see what else can we do to help Alyssa, only to be told to “take this medicine” or “You are doing a great job already with monitoring diet, vitamins, and exercise.”

After years of dealing with this traumatic ordeal for all family members involved, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We decided to begin a healthier way of living. At KetoCuresit,  we are documenting our journey to give families hope and resources that can aid their family in a successful way of achieving a healthier lifestyle and can assist with persisting ailments through proper food too–not just medicine.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” — Hippocrates


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