Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to our site!

Our goal in this website is to document our own journey on doing Keto full time with our daughter who suffers from Epilepsy and along the way help others! Between going to all of these different doctors and just being told to take medicine and continue on with life as it is, we decided to take matters into our own hands and to take control of our own health.

We made this website in hopes of helping other families to be healthy together and to show that there are ALWAYS options available of becoming healthy and the many ways to begin your own health journey.

Don’t lose faith and stay strong!

Cleo & Melody Johnson




I never like having to do this but from a legal standpoint we do need to state that:

Since we are not doctors, we are simply recording our health journey. Everything we have documented is based on our own research of suggestions through books, articles or other various legitimate sites (to our own knowledge) found online, in print or from professionals. For us, many of these suggestions have worked. We highly recommend that you continue to speak with your health professional about any and all medication concerns, dietary changes or physical exercise changes. Everyone’s circumstances are different so it is still essential to go to your doctor , follow their advice and discuss your health concerns before beginning any physical or diet program.